January 21st, 2021

January 30th, 2021 – Annual Amphibian Monitoring Training – Southwest Washington Amphibian Monitoring Project

Do you love frogs and salamanders? Would you like the chance to get outdoors and see them in the wild? Do you want to help your community support local amphibian populations? Frogs and other amphibians can be found all around Clark County, but their numbers are decreasing, according to Dr. Peter Ritson.

Dr. Ritson is looking for volunteers to help the Southwest Washington Amphibian Monitoring Project (SWAMP), an all-volunteer program dedicated to empowering community members to assess and preserve the unique ecological resources for our community.

After this 2.5-hour training session, where volunteers learn how to identify and count local amphibian eggs, volunteers get the opportunity to survey and monitor the frogs and salamanders in ponds and streams throughout the county.

Our guest speaker this year at this year’s training is Matt Distler, Ph.D., a Staff Ecologist at Oxbow Farm and Conservation Center. He will be talking about the life cycle of amphibians and his investigation into whether roads, especially high traffic highways, are keeping amphibians from making their seasonal migration to ponds, where they breed.

The link for the full event details and registration is here